Sales from counterfeit items, document tampering and fraudulent activity continue to affect the goodwill and value of a company’s brands and goods. Before, only authenticators could identify a counterfeit and certify an authentic item.

Devery aims to use the Ethereum blockchain to attach digital proof to a product as it travels along the supply chain from seller to buyer. The storage and ownership record will be updated as the goods changes hands which will prevent counterfeits.

Developers will be able to use the Devery Protocol without a deep understanding of blockchain technology with the use of Entry Verification Engine (EVE tokens). EVE tokens will be received as payment hosting verification application on the Devery protocol.

The Devery Protocol will allow retailers to verify the authenticity of products or services they sell online. A unique ID signature can be attached to each product sold online with a verification application built on top of the Protocol. This unique ID will provide a single version of the truthful identity of the product resulting in an increase of an asset’s value for years to come.

QR codes, barcodes, and inventory chips can be attached to any product and may interact with the Devery Protocol. The unique ID signatures will be attached to the product as well as stored on the Devery Protocol.

Devery hopes to raise $10 million USD. The crowd-sale will begin January 12th, 2018, and will end either when the cap is reached or on February 10th, 2018. All tokens will be distributed 1 week after the conclusion of the sale and any unsold tokens will be burned.




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