Editorial policy

Ethereum Objective Statement

The objective of EthereumWiki is to report on on upcoming movement and events concerning Ethereum, Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and the blockchain platform.

Our Commitment to Editorial Content

EthereumWiki is an independent media publication. We strive to report on all news accurately and objectively. EthereumWiki does accept and publish content from contracted reporters and outside contributors.

Writers & Cryptocurrency Holdings

EthereumWiki editorial staff and writers are holders of cryptocurrencies. EthereumWiki is under no obligation to restrict its writing staff from owning virtual currency, nor does it forbid any staff from personal investing in any blockchain platforms. All writers must disclose ownership (but not the amount) of cryptocurrencies in their articles, where the value exceeds $100 USD, and disclose investments in any blockchain projects.

Editorial and Writer’s Views & Opinions

Any EthereumWiki opinion articles do not necessarily represent the views of EthereumWiki.com Any views and opinion of the author represent the writer at all times.