– Cryptowatch is a graphing website that is extremely easy to customize and read. It has by far the most detailed information . It has a great set of tools available for when you want to go in to the technical analysis. provides all of this for free.

Bitcoin Talk – A huge crypto forum which has users discussing everything that happening in the crypto world. Info about Bitcoin, new coins, ICO,  and coin announcements. It is very important to know whom of the writers to listen to, and who is not worth even reading.


Cryptolization – This is a fun website were you can pair the crypto market against companies in the S&P 500. It also shows the current market cap for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all other alt coins.


CoinDesk –  CoinDesk is the go to news site for digital currencies. Every quarter, CoinDesk releases its ‘State of Blockchain’ report. The aim of the report is “to provide an overview of key cryptocurrency trends, challenges, and opportunities, while also highlighting the most important developments over the last year”.


Etherscan – This is the go to blockexplorer for the Ethereum Blockchain. Every address, transactions, transfer, and token is shown on Etherscan. You can also sign up to the site and store addresses

EthStats – Ethstats gathers all the network status for the Ethereum network. Here is a guide on how to read the site:

  • Best Block is the heaviest block regarding the cummultative difficulty, or in simple words: the highest block number of the longest valid chain.
  • Uncles are orphaned blocks, but in oposite to other blockchain systems, uncles are rewardedand included in the blockchain. Shows current bloc’s uncle count and uncle count of last 50 blocks.
  • Last Block shows the time since the last block was mined, usually in seconds.
  • Average Block Time is, well, the average time between two blocks, excluding uncles, in seconds. Should be something around 15 seconds.
  • Average Network Hashrate is the number of hashes bruteforced by the network miners to find a new block. 5 TH/s means the network power is at five trillion hashes per second.
  • Difficulty is the current mining difficulty to find a new block which basicly means how hard it is to find a matching hash.
  • Active Nodes is the number of connected nodes to the Ethstats dashboard, (not the whole ethereum network!)
  • Gas Price is the price miners accept for gas. While gas is used to calculate fees. 20 gwei is the current default, which stands for 20 Giga-Wei which are twenty billion wei that is 0.00000002 ETH.
  • Gas Limit is the block gas limit. It defaults to 1.5 pi million gas (4,712,388) and miner can only include transactions until the gas limit is met (and the block is full). The gas limit is the analogy to bitcoin’s block size limit, but not fixed in size.
  • Page Latency and Uptime are specific stats for the dashboard.
  • Block Time Chart shows the actual time between the last blocks.
  • Difficulty Chart shows the actual difficulty of the last blocks.
  • Block Propagation Chart shows how fast blocks are shared among the nodes connected to the dashboard.
  • Last Block Miners are the public keys of the miners who found most of the last blocks.
  • Uncle Count Chart shows numbers of uncles per 25 blocks per bar.
  • Transactions Chart shows numbers of transactions included in last blocks.
  • Gas Spending Chart shows how much gas was spent on transactions in each block, note the correlation to the transactions chart.
  • Gas Limit Chart shows the dynamicly adjusted block gas limit for each block.



Coin Market Cap – Coin Market Cap has a nice overview with lots and lots of info about not only the big performance coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but a lot of smaller alt coins. They provide links to exchange where you can get these coins, volume of all exchanges, and monitor all their prices and trading volume.


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