1) Go to https://www.myetherwallet.com/ and create a paper wallet.

  • Enter a password and click “Create New Wallet” this will create a unique address every single time, even if you use the same password twice. Never, never lose your password.

  • Download the Keystore File (UTC/JSON) and save it offline in an safe place such as a USB thumb drive.

  • Save and print your paper wallet address and private key.

  • To access your newly created wallet, return to https://www.myetherwallet.com/ and click “View Wallet Info” up top. Enter in your private key or Keystore File and password.

Never lose the private key, paper wallet or your password or you lose you ETH.

(This was a test wallet, there is no value in the wallet. Don’t waste your time).

2) Go to https://shapeshift.io/ and change the “Deposit” option as Bitcoin (BTC) and the “Receive” option to Ethereum (ETH). Click continue.

  • Enter in your new Ethereum address from your paper wallet you just created. Agree to the terms and click “Start Transaction”

3) Copy your Bitcoin Address and go to your Bitcoin Wallet or a Bitcoin Exchange and send the amount of Bitcoin you want to spend to this address.

  • Once you’ve sent the Bitcoin and it’s received by Shapeshift the “Awaiting Deposit” will change to “Deposit Received”

  • Shapeshift will convert your BTC to ETH (this will usually take a few minutes). Once the transaction is complete “Deposit Received” will change to “Exchange Completed”

4) So you don’t have to log into myetherwallet.com constantly, you can check your ETH balance by going to https://etherscan.io and entering your ETH address in the search bar and it will display your balance.

Remember: store your paper wallet, private key, and password somewhere safe.

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