Users of Enigma’s Slack group were met with a surprise email stating that the ICO would be starting immediately. The email read “[We have] decided to open the Pre-Sale to the public…” The email ended with legitimate looking domain address.

Users in the Slack group reported that the admins had closed all chat rooms and announced the sudden pre-sale of their token.

The firm had originally stated that the ICO would begin on September 11th so users began spamming their skepticism in the Slack. The hackers, posing as admins, quickly deleted the general channel.

Here is the address that the hacker directed the fake pre-sale to. As of the time of writing, 176 181 transactions have taken place.

Last week, Enigma had posted on their blog: Protect Yourself: Staying Safe in a Token Sale. A guide on how to avoid phishers, scammers, and spammers.

Stay tuned for further developments.

UPDATE #1: Enigma has officially tweeted out their confirmation of the attack.

UPDATE #2: Enigma has deactivated the Slack and relocated to Telegram.

UPDATE #3: Enigma has emailed this statement out to the community:

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