What an amazing year it has been!

If you look back to the prices of coins on January 1st, 2017 you would notice right away how far we’ve come.

Coins like Litecoin & Ethereum were under $10.

Bitcoin was hovering around $1000…

We have come A LONG way.

Top 15 marketcap from January 2017

​December is a time when many of us reflect on the year and wonder how the time passed so quickly. 2017 was a year of many accomplishments for the blockchain economy, and many feel a sense of gratitude for the opportunities that have been presented to us. We at Ethereumwiki are pleased with the level of growth we have achieved in this space, the successes that the majority of projects are experiencing, and the high level of engagement that the community are demonstrating to further their knowledge on this incredible technology.

Crypto and blockchain technology is growing, and Ethereumwiki is very proud of where we are today and the direction we are headed. As we look to 2018 and beyond, we are focused on the change and disruption that we’ll face in the coming years. Rather than be fearful of these changes, we should be hopeful, and look at this time as an opportunity to continue to make blockchain a success. Ethereumwiki is committed to supporting and reporting on these new innovations. Take comfort in knowing that we are focused on navigating these changes together.

Thanks again for making 2017 a great year!


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