The Guardian released an opinion article yesterday titled “The Guardian view on censoring the internet: necessary, but not easy”. The editorial calls for limits to take place on the internet and that these limit must be enforced.

The article cites hosting company Cloudflares recent decision to ban the alt-right site “The Daily Stormer” from their servers.

The questions are: who should set these limits and who then should police them? Both governments and private companies have a part to play…

The Guardian continues to say that “there are illegal ways around these obstacles” yet fails to mention the use of the blockchain technology which is not illegal yet reminds a way to bypass the need for a central service to distribute information. With blockchain technology you can remove the need for servers, avoiding from all the problems associated with censorship.

Blockchain technology removes the hub’s responsible for censorship and privacy leaks. Ethereum creator, Vitalik Buterin, has outlined the protocol for censorship-resistance on the Ethereum network on the Ethereum blog.

Crypto coins such as Monero which is known for its speed, security, and anonymous-nature have seen a surge in the past few days. The characteristics of the coin is said by some to be untraceable and can be considered by some investors to invaluable in fighting online censorship.

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